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RawChatTruths ® , Los Angeles, CA
Therapy doesn't have to be so traditionally boring.

SevenOurs Loguetherapy/RawChatTruths is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission of delivering an undertone of television and film dialogue through various media outlets for victims of abuse. We provide an exclusive platform filled with inner-attainment through entertainment, and no hidden agendas.

All things theatrical.
Cry with your pen.    Vent with your spoken word.   Blueprint the journey with your dance.    
Tell your story through your song. Act how you feel, on stage.
"I went to see the show on the preview and found out a very interesting script and good acting. Funny and dramatic.
I got totally envolved by the story, very interesting way of conveying a social message, very sensitive in how it treats the sexual harassment. Very good process."

  -Gabriella Spacciari