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About RawChatTruths
As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, RawChatTruths embraces human services by providing a supportive and therapeutic platform for plaguing matters of the heart. We produce productions that allow individuals to “vent” and release negativity from their lives in art form. Everyone has different talents and passions and we coach, support, and encourage the use of what you have, to obtain what you desire.

Nonprofits have the opportunity to build and rebuild, and to restore and replenish lives.
We help. We make connections with you. We make heart and soul deposits.  We do this through theatrical performances that act the truth.
Cry with your pen.    Vent with your spoken word.   Blueprint the journey with your dance.    
Tell your story through your song. Act how you feel, on stage.
SevenOurs Loguetherapy (DBA) RawChatTruths, based in Los Angeles, CA., was established in 2014 by Shontae' (Tae')  Graham. Tae's first love of singing opened doors for her professional work in the music industry for many years.  Her second love of writing led to her longtime membership with the American Society of Composers and Authors (ASCAP). Tae' became a Playwright in 2005 and released her first self published book "Silent Melodies"  (2008) which was distributed and sold in Meijers retail stores. Her third love of theatre led to working alongside great actors such as, Akosua Busia (The Color Purple) in "Momma Don't"  and a long list of other actors/singers in productions ending with her work as a background singer for Tyler Perry's "Why Did I Get Married"  original stage play featuring Kelly Price, Chico Debarge, Lavan Davis, and many more.

Tae' earned a BS in Business Management; MS in Psychology; and an MS in Human Resource Management. She became a certified Domestic Violence Counselor for CA in 2014. Tae's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd loves became therapeutic outlets for her life of abuse and led to the formation of SevenOurs Loguetherapy, where raw chats and truths become acts of release on a theatrical platform.

Joined with family members and valued friends; the powerful team collectively sets out to reach lives, touch lives, help lives, heal lives, and to assist in moving lives on.