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We take care and pride in what we do and the messages we support and send. We are growing and our doors swing on the hinges of love.

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​"In a world plagued by domestic violence, women are searching for a better way to maintain sanity, gain control, stay out of the grave, and out of prison! Venting and freedom of expression are golden and vengeance is sweet when they're all rolled into an angelic act of heroism - all while seeing a therapist."
It’s 2018, and an alert has been issued because NO has seemingly lost her meaning generations ago. WEBSTER, her close friend, has clearly known NO’s meaning since their beginning. YES is her enemy but she also knows NO’s meaning. MAYBE always acts confused and STOP is always stunned and dumbfounded, but they all were sure of the soon to come day, when NO would find her voice and be validated and justified as being true to her name, origin, and meaning. 
PoOrtAblE ManSions is a community that houses women who’ve suffered domestic violence. These women were quickly labeled by society as they found themselves without finances, support, or a place to call home. It’s been a few days and the Misses are finally adapting from being richly-lost, to poorly-found, from ground level. They are preparing for Southern California’s 1st press conference focusing on homeless women and the reporters conducting the press conference are two unsympathetic men who love to play games. Unbeknownst to them; the ladies have formed an alliance to foster a new mentality that supports their new way of living.
Cry with your pen.    Vent with your spoken word.   Blueprint the journey with your dance.    
Tell your story through your song. Act how you feel, on stage.
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